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When you book a session with me it will require that you can be in a quiet place for an hour. Completely undisturbed as you lay comfortably still.

At our predetermined appointment time, I will call you five minutes before the session begins to make sure that you are ready for the work to begin.

I will hang up the phone and begin energetically sending healing energy to you. You could feel a number of different sensations as I work on you. You could feel a deep sense of calmness during the session. You could feel tingling through your body, coolness or heat in parts of your body. You could experience a release of emotions. You could have a memory of a loved one that you haven't thought of in years. These are all signs that something is being cleared from your memories and experiences of your life. You could have an experience of Angelic Beings being around you.

After the one hour session, you will call me and I'll tell you all the information that I received about your energetic field. The messages could be something like this. "You were holding an energy in your stomach about an unpleasant event from the fourth grade concerning a teacher, this memory was keeping you from having the confidence in stepping out and discovering all of your talents.

Please email today and begin the discovery of your new life!!


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